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1. Registration
Registration to the site and the right to use the services offered by the user are contingent on receiving a personal account and a personal password through which the user can use the services. Each user is personally and exclusively responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account details and passwords. The duration of the subscription is as stated in the purchased kit.
2. Privacy
Your privacy is important to us. Any purchase of services on the site is performed securely.
The information provided by us is stored on the computers of the website operators or anyone acting on their behalf in a secure and encrypted manner.
3. Personal use
Each user purchases the services offered on the site and the right to make use of the content included in it personally only, for the purposes of his private purposes accordingly, the user's password is personal and will not be passed on by him to any third party. A user who violates this provision harms and / or causes the site and its operators to foreseeable damages to sanctions that are available to the site and its operators according to law.
4. The contents in the site
The site contains content that includes images, texts, illustrations, graphics, sound files, video files, animation videos and so forth (hereinafter "the Contents") owned by the Site and / or its operators and protected by copyright law. For personal purposes only.
The User undertakes not to damage and / or modify and / or misrepresent the contents and to refrain from carrying out any action that may or may constitute a reduction in the value of the content or a violation of the dignity or in the name of the owner of the copyright therein.
The user undertakes not to copy, record, distribute, transmit, display, duplicate, publish, use, or allow others, directly or indirectly, to perform any of the above activities in particular. Etc., for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.
5. Responsibility
The Site or its operators do not represent or represent or guarantee that the content is suitable for the user's needs or purposes and will not bear any responsibility for their suitability. As mentioned above, the site's management and its operators invest great efforts in order that all content on the site will be of high quality, unique and reliable. However, due to the complexity of the content, there may be errors and / or inaccuracies in the content included in the site, and the site or its operators or managers will not bear any responsibility for errors or errors in the content displayed on the site or the use thereof or its results and / or their implications.
The user hereby declares that he is solely and fully responsible for any use he makes or does in the content or service offered by the site and the site or its operators shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused or caused to the user or any third party as a result of the use of the content or Site.
6. Use of user information
Viraft Company, under the management of Adi Ora Ariel ("the Company"), will be entitled to make any use of the information required for the purpose of providing the services requested by you. You will also be entitled to make use of the information in order to contact you with any of the means and / or contact details provided by you on the Site, including through direct mail and direct mail services, in order to offer you any service and / or product and / or additional information which Will be able to customize and / or interest you in accordance with the segmentation of information available to you about you and / or any service and / or product and / or other information at its discretion.
7. Restricting access to the site
The Site and its operators reserve the right to terminate and / or refuse to grant access, at any time, for any reason whatsoever, to the Site and / or parts of it, at their sole discretion and without any prior notice. A user who has purchased services that were not supplied to him in such a case shall have his money.
8. Cancellations
The cancellation countries are in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law.
9. Miscellaneous
The Company may change these Terms of Use from time to time without giving advance notice thereof. The Company will publish the new terms on the site and the date of their initial validity shall be the date of their first publication.
 To enter the Escape Room you must agree to terms.
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